The Story

There once was a happy child whose dreams were limitless.  Then one dark day, her life changed forever when her parents divorced.   While it was difficult to handle her parents break up, it became more challenging when her father moved away and paid child support sporadically. She rarely saw her father, once a year at the beginning.  Her mom was 29 years old when she divorced and had never lived alone or held a job.  Her mother struggled to afford shelter, food and clothing.  She rarely spent time with her mother and was emotionally neglected.  She felt she had no place to turn to get information about the issues she faced.  Her peers were also affected by divorce and struggled with a myriad of problems including drug and alcohol use, school violence, peer pressure, verbal and sexual harassment, racial prejudice, and eating disorders.  Even after she triumphantly graduated from college she was haunted by her teenage memories.  She vowed to “Save The Teenager” and started AnythingIsPossble to make sure no teen feels alone and that help is readily available.